AWARD WINNING RESORT Refined by nature.

We provide beautiful accommodations and friendly, knowledgeable staff so each of your vacations with us will generate a lifetime of wonderful memories. All of our employees are dedicated to keeping luxury vacations within the reach of every family so that all will experience a better quality of life.

Swapnasrushti group of companies is a leader in the hospitality industry, with a distinctive design and innovation and has a reputation for excellence. Our diverse portfolio includes Holy Amaranth Dham, Water Park with 7 wonders and elegant resort with unique residencies. We at Swapnasrushti resort offer a superior guest experience that is unique.

An ever flowing world of Masti

Room Package Details

  • Room type
  • Room Rate  (C.P)
  • Room Package  (A.P)
  • Superior Room
  • Rs.2,999
  • Rs.5,500
  • Premium room
  • Rs.4,199
  • Rs.7000
  • Royal Tents
  • Rs.4,799
  • Rs.7700
  • Unique Truck House
  • Rs.4,799
  • Rs.7,700
  • Kutchhi Huts
  • Rs.5,399
  • Rs.8,500
  • Executive Suite
  • Rs.5,399
  • Rs.8,500
  • Suite Cottage
  • Rs.9,999
  • Rs.15,000
  • Extra Bed
  • Rs.799
  • Rs.1,800